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Governing Council

The Governing Council is the governing parent body, which represents the whole school community in the management of the school’s finances, canteen and the development and implementation of curriculum policy and issues.

Governing Council

The views of the community are actively encouraged on major policy and other relevant matters. 


Governing Council keeps the community informed about actions taken on behalf of the school, through newsletters and notices.


Governing Council comprises parents and staff representatives who are elected by the whole school community for two year terms, half being elected each year to ensure continuity.


From time to time, council will co-opt extra members to assist with subcommittees and special projects.


Our Governing Council meets on Tuesday of Week 3 & 8 each term at 6:00pm in the Staffroom.  


Observers are welcome.  The General Meeting is held early in February each year and the date is published in the first school newsletter of the year.