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Specialist Programs


English as a Second Language (ESL)
ESL teachers provide assistance to children from non-English speaking backgrounds by helping them to develop their oral, reading and writing skills in English. These teachers work with whole classes, small group and with individual students.


Special Education
Special Education teachers provide assistance to staff with students that have been identified with a disability. These teachers work with teachers in producing Education Plans for students and in working with the teacher, small groups and individual students.


Reading Blocks
R-5 students are involved in small group reading blocks.  All students are assessed using PM Benchmarks and then assigned to a small group that is targeted to their particular reading level. All students are able to participate in lessons 4 times per week. Each term student achievement is reassessed and reviewed and students are regrouped appropriately.



Maths Blocks
Yr 3- 7 students are involved in Maths blocks. During Term 4 of each year all Yr 3-6 students are assessed in PATMaths and the tests are sent to ACER for marking.  Based on these results, students are grouped according to needs and abilities and assigned to a class or support teacher.  Placement of students is carefully considered and reviewed at the beginning of each term during the year.